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wild with hope
16 July 2008 @ 01:03 am
I BRING YOU PHOTOS OF AWESOME. And the good news is that Gemma has Photoshop now, so I will no longer be running around like a chicken with my head cut off at night trying to get both photos AND videos all edited and exported for you guys.

but okay!!

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We are totally stealing internet again. And I have so much shit to post so BRB.
wild with hope
We decided to like, do all of our picture and video editing at night while we have no internet so that we didn't have to waste internet!time on THIS TRIVIAL NONSENSE.

Yesterday, after we had computer!time, we came back here for a quick bit and then went to Target. GEMMA HAD NEVER BEEN TO TARGET. So I filmed it all and it was a huge spectacle. We bought random shit - I got the TV Guide with DD and GA on it (WHY THE FUCK DOES PENNSYLVANIA'S TARGET CARRY TV GUIDES AND MINE DONT). But omg we got the most amazing shot on camera, Tiff zoomed in on the TV Guide part of the shelf when we saw it, and all you see is three hands go in and rip them off the shelves. I also bought Crash, tapes for my camera, and a blank notebook. The girls bought other fun stuff. OMG WE ALSO GOT FRUIT ROLL UPS.

We went to the Starbucks, in Target, and it was so cute because it was like matchy-matchy drink squared! Tiff and Hell got the caramel machiattos and Gem and I got these blended lemonade things. AND THEN AND THEN! We went to Wendy's because Gemma hadn't been there either! And it was loltastic because she like, got her food and ran off with it and the woman never took her money so she ran back and paid her and was all, "See what an honest individual I am?!" LOLLL. Also. The fries sucked so I felt bad because, you know, this is a fucking first impression on Gemma and Wendy's? You FAILED. But it was cute because we all got matchy food by accident and then we looked and were like, dude, WE ARE SUCH A FOOD OT4!

And then we were like omg we need to find that Men's Health magazine that David Duchovny is in. So we went to the mall. AND WE FOUND IT. AND DIED. and then we read Twilight outloud and died of LOL. And we also had fun with Chelsea Handler's book about her hookups lmao. We came back to Tiff's house and then went to Chili's!

Hell, lmao, Hell asks our waitress - "you know, you're going to think we're.... weird, but... can we call you Megan?" LOL SHE WAS LIKE WTF. "Do I LOOK like a Megan or something?" she was so confused and stand offish and I think we scared the shit out of her a little. Because for the rest of dinner, she would not look at us or anything lmao. ALSO! They don't have any fucking Awesome Blossoms anymore! Fuckers! We ate dinner, had ~second drinks~ when all of our ice melted, and then we left and reenacted the paparazzi photos of Lisa Edelstein where she's chewing gum and walking in a parking lot. AND IT WAS FUNNY AS SHIT.

Then we came back here and checked our comments that you guys left, and omg Tiff's mother bought us a fucking lifesize cardboard cutout of The Wicked Witch and we lost. our. shit. AND THEN WE WATCHED DAVID DUCHOVNY ON LENO. AND FUCKING LOST OUR SHIT AGAIN. We filmed ourselves watching it - I'll upload it when I can find a download of his interview. I want to split-screen it so you can see what he's doing on one side and then see us flailing over it on the other side. But it was basically amazing. Then I got Photoshop on Gem's computer and we've just been talking and flailing and getting our pictures and footage ready to show you guys. WIN!
wild with hope
16 July 2008 @ 01:13 pm


lovely surprise
16 July 2008 @ 01:52 pm
We are all over at my neighbor's house, stealing their internet, because all we have at my place is dialup and basically it sucks a lot, because we can't all be on at once and everything. Which obviously just does not work with us at all. Except when we get on at night to read your comments and we all pile around my mom's desktop. That is actually really fun. But normally, for stuff like this, it just doesn't work. So my neighbor is graciously letting us come over and use her internet. Thank god.

But yeah, I'm sure you know this from reading all of Lissie's stuff and everything, but we are having the BEST time. It is just so incredible to me that this is even happening. That all of us are together, in the same room, laughing and talking and ranting and sleeping and eating and... everything basically.

And we just *fit*. I can't even explain it, but in the car on the way home from Chili's yesterday there would just be these silences where we were chewing our gum or whatever, but it wasn't awkward in any way. It was just silence and calm. And everything is just so easy. It reminds me of some quote or something I read once where it basically said that you can tell you have a good friendship when you don't even have to work at it, it just works itself or something. And that's like what this is. It all just fits and clicks and works. IDK, I can't explain it. But it is amazing basically. I am just, myself with them and I never worry about how I look or what I say or anything. There is no judgement at all.

And I was kind of worried that it would be weird when they were all flailing over X-Files or whatever, because I have no clue at all about it, but we were watching David Duchovny on Leno last night and it wasn't weird at all. It was just so fun to watch them having so much fun and flailing. And their flail brought me in. And we all have little things where some of us don't watch or whatever, like Gemma and Hell have Weeds and Gemma and I (and Hell a bit) have Frasier, and they have X-Files and stuff. But I've never felt left out when they flail about it. It's just amazing basically. And I am so glad that they are all here and we're together and flailing and reminiscing and just having an amazing time!

So yeah, that's my whole take on everything right now.

♥ ♥ ♥
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lovely surprise
16 July 2008 @ 08:39 pm
Okay, you guys have all been SO amazing and supportive of us and this whole trip, and as we are all reading through your sweet comments we're realizing that we don't all know a lot of you. And we'd like to change that. And we know that some of you have also said that you'd like to get to know those of us not on your friends' list better. So.... we bring you...


So if there's anything you've been wanting to ask any of us, if it's all four of us or just individuals, feel free to do it here. It will get the conversations going and we can get to know each other. Honestly, feel free to ask us ANYTHING. We will answer with either comments, photos, videos, whateverthefuckelsewethinkof. It'll just be another fun way to get to know each other and help you experience the flail!

It just really means a lot to us that you guys have been so supportive and that you really get it, and that what we're experiencing is coming across in such a positive light for you guys. We want you to be able to enjoy this as much as we are (although I'm not sure if that's actually physically possible).