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Halo In Reverse
19 July 2008 @ 04:47 am

spoilers. i guess *shrug*
i'll call the cops. and they will fuck you up.Collapse )

Tiff and I flailed our asses off the entire time. I was sitting next to Liss at first but after like 2 minutes she and Tiff switched up because we were super excited to see it. ANYWAY. like half way trhough the movie they were experiencing ~technical differences~ or some shit and the sound kept cutting out and the video too at some point. The movie theater people apologized and lol right when everyone was kind of quiet to let them explain what was going on gemma suddenly goes "THIS IS BULLSHIT!" and it just sounded really funny in her english accent and the lady that was talking was kind of like, WTF? and tried to see in the dark who just said that but obv she failed at that lol. The guy behind just died of lol though. idk i guess you had to be there.

AND LOL. OK. so right before we went into the theater we saw these XF2 posters they had on the walls everywhere and liss was like, omg i want to steal one. SO SHE DID. and then we saw more and Gemma and yoinked one too. BUT I MAKE A REALLY BAD CRIMINAL. like, ok. i took one that was right by the door and then i just took off and ran out the door with a poster. yelling 'TIFF, TIFF LETS GO' instead of just casually walking out the door and not drawing any attention to myself.


OTHER THAN THAT. we are now in Scranton and this girl whose apartment we're staying at is SO NICE. AND OMG WE HAVE INTERNET!!! Tomorrow we'll be at the Mall at like 8AM or so which is early BUT IT'LL BE TTLY WORTH IT OMG. I AM.SO.EXCITED.
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lovely surprise
So, we are up and getting ready to go to the mall for all the days events! And at 11:30 we will be MEETING MINDY! LAFJDLAGHLAIFJLAGHLAGH! OMG I AM SO EXCITED. LIKE SERIOUSLY, WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE IT! JAFDJAL;GHAGH! And it's weird, because I met her before, but... IDK, she's just so awesome and so sort of underrated, that I'm excited to be doing it again with Hell and Gemma and Lissie because they came all this way, so it will really show her that people do love her. IDK, I'm not making much sense.

Um, I think Hell and Lissie already covered how freakin' AWESOME Andrea is. She is so fun and sweet and I still can't get over the fact that she is letting us stay here and being so awesome basically. And yeah, it's just amazing! jalkfjdlaghlagh!

Let's see... what else is going on that I haven't updated about or the girls haven't? Oooh, we went to Blockbuster like two days ago and Hell found these shirts that had Indiana Jones on them and she was like "Are you going to get one?" So we both got them! And they were on sale and sooo cute! They're grey with the fedora and say Indiana Jones and are just awesome basically. And then, while we were shopping yesterday, I used my Borders coupon to buy the Indiana Jones Book of Epic Awesomeness! I have been lusting after it since like, our second day together, and I finally broke down and bought it. It is gorgeous. I will have to take pics. Not that anyone probably really cares but... it's amazing.

And Mamma Mia was INCREDIBLE! I lost my shit so bad. I was sitting next to Gemma but then Liss and I switched so I could be next to Hell, which was so smart. Because we were both super excited to see it and just flailed and flipped out and sang along and everything. And it was great! And OMG "This is bullshit". Amazingness.

I feel like the girls have pretty well covered everything else and we are ready to leave to GO MEET MINDY!!!! So I shall end this now. But you will definitely be hearing from us later.

I hope you all are well. ♥
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