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wild with hope
Yesterday, we went over to Tiff's aunt's house to use her internet. We got all of our Mindy stuff together and made playlists for the car.

Then we went to Sheetz (do you guys have those? We don't in MN) and got sandwiches and things for the ~drive in~. We were going to see The Dark Knight & Get Smart. We got there too fucking early so we had to wait in the car for awhile. We pulled out our matchy Macs and did a bit of work and then Hell and I were like WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS CAR. So we did and LMAO LMAO LMAO WE LAUGHED SO HARD I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I had extra meat in my sandwich, so I pulled it out and threw it out the window. Then when we got out of the car, she was like pointing to it and LOL DISCARDED MEATS about it all and I died. Then we got my extra ham out of my bag AND LOL TRUST THE MAN, WHEN DAVID MAKES UP THAT DELI MEAT FETISH, WE WERE ALL, "DO YOU WANT ME TO WRAP YOU IN DELI MEATZZZ?~" LOLLL. And then I asked her if she saw at the gas station when this mom told her kid to stop it because "you haven't taken your pill today!!1" and she died so hard that she spit her soda all over the grass. And I knew it was coming and she was fighting it and I was just laughing harder and she was choking and then she just spit it out. And I saw her ~throw up~ so I felt really ~close~ to her. Obviously. LOL and then we were walking just down the road for the hell of it and some people yelled out their car "I'D STOP WALKING IF I WERE YOU". lol some nasty guy was like, pissing behind the bushes. We got back in the car and they let us in but we still had like 2 hours to go before the movies started.

SO FIRST OFF, WE CLIMBED MOUNT GREGORY. Which is just like, a sweet pile of rocks.

THEN, WE FOUND SWINGS. Physics - let me show you it. LOL THEN, THEN, I was like "I AM GOING TO DEFY GRAVITY! WATCH, WATCH" and then I DID, but only briefly, as I then fell.

THEN, WE FOUND SEESAWS. I FUCKING LOVE THESE SO MUCH. AND THERE WERE NO HANDLES BUT IT WAS STILL SO FUN, WE WERE ON THEM FOR LIKE AN HOUR, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Tiff was in the car with Matt this whole time, Gemma had joined us after a little bit, and she wanted to play on things but couldn't because she was in a white dress :( :( She got some really cute pictures though. She like commented on the sky being pretty or something so I gave her my camera and said she could take pictures of whatever she wanted since I wasn't using it anyway. But she took some of us playing too and I love her for doing that. Then Tiff came out and IDK what Matt was doing this whole time but we were playing on this equipment like children. Anddddd it was really fun, basically.

The Dark Knight started, and I thought it was one of the most overrated films I have ever seen in my life (YES. EVEN HEATH LEDGER). I will be ranting about it later on lissie_pissie. OH OH but the best part was that it was kind of lightning...ing? outside and it looked really cool. AND THE MOON. WAS SO FUCKING COOL. and there were fireflies everywhere! And we were sitting outside and sdkljfhas.

After that film ended, Gem, Hell, and I went to go to the bathroom. OKAY, SO. We walk over to it, SMELL IT FROM A MILE AWAY, and decide that we are just going to go in the grass somewhere. "Lisa would be so proud of us, you guys," I said. "*quotes her* "I'm a master squatter. I just spent a month in India. I have no shame in dropping trou' when need be." And we were like fuck yes, she is awesome, as are we. So we are looking for a ~shaded area~, cannot find one, and I was upset because I did not want to piss in direct moonlight." WE FAILED MISERABLY AND ENDED UP USING THE NASTY BATHROOM. And lol one of our jokes on this trip is "paparazzi" shots, where we try to get shots of each other when we come out of public restrooms. So I was waiting for Hell to get out, with my camera ready and all, and then I saw her so I took her picture. Gemma says, "THAT. IS NOT. HER." LOLLLLL. I FELT SO BAD I RANDOMLY TOOK A PHOTO OF SOME RANDOM GIRL COMING OUT OF SOME BATHROOM.

Get Smart was the second film, which I liked not because it was my sense of humor (it mostly wasn't), but because Steve is fucking adorable and awesome. We are having car issues with NY. Apparently we're no longer taking the car we were going to take? I don't fucking know. But now we're all worried we won't be able to fit all of our shit in the car. SO. That will be so fun to figure out, Y/N?. :(
lovely surprise
I know Gemma and Liss already did their Mindy spam, but I got so many cute pictures of her that I had to post some as well! Seriously, she is just the sweetest, nicest woman and I love her so much. I seriously have the utmost respect for her. She is so smart and funny and sweet. It kinda baffles me. And it was like, being there, there weren't that many people there for her, and I was kind of sad, because she totally deserves to have all kinds of fans. But even still, there were a decent amount and she was just so genuinely excited to be there and to meet people.

And like Liss said, I honestly did not get *one* bad picture of her. At all. She is so photogenic. ♥

The trip was just really fun in general. I know Liss & Gemma have already filled you in on most of it, so I will just add little excerpts of things they didn't cover or that I thought were really cute and fun.

Andrea was amazing and so sweet. And Hell and Gemma were like little celebrities, as you have already seen. Everyone wanted to see them, interview them, take their picture with them. It was awesome basically. As Lissie already kind of told you, Gemma and I entered the trivia contest. It was so fun, but really kinda, IDK, the luck of the draw basically. Because Gem and I both got out fairly early but we knew soooo many of the other questions that people got out on. And some of the ones even Mindy didn't know, we knew. Like, there was one about how Phyllis was the one who said about Jim Carey coming into the room and Dwight needed to get an autograph for Michael. Mindy didn't remember what that was from, and so I told her. LOL.

But of course, the fucking question I got out on had something to do with Mindy. It was just worded weird, but basically it was that Times Square was named for the fun times you have in it. And I completely blanked and could not think of it. GUH. And it was from Valentine's Day! Which is one of my favorite episodes. My failure. Let me show you it. But anyway, after I got it wrong, Mindy was like, "That was a Mike Schur script and that joke was the only joke of mine that was left in. And I was so proud of it!". Damn, I fail.

But it was just really fun and awesome. And meeting her was absolutely incredible. Like the others have said, she was sooooo sweet and amazing and it was so funny because I was the one who asked her about 'Bananas'. And so the exchange went a bit like this:

Me: I have a question. And it's kind of weird, and maybe a bit stalker-ish, but... could we do 'This day is bananas' with you?
Mindy: That's not weird. Well... kind of weird. But well... awesome. And not stalker-ish at all!
Giddyness: *is present*

But honestly, she was so cute about it and like, excited that we wanted to do it. And you have all obviously seen the videos. So now I bring you picspam from our trip!

And I was so proud of it!Collapse )

So yeah! In case you didn't get the memo before MINDY IS AWESOME KTHNXBYE!

And also, just like Lissie, I would really appreciate it if these were not reposted or used for any purpose. I'm pretty sure the girls are planning on making some icons which will probably be snaggable. But besides them, since we were the ones who took the pictures, cropped, and colored them, we would just appreciate it if they were not reposted or used by anyone else. Of course, you are more than welcome to save them and look at them for you own enjoyment! Because Mindy is so pretty!
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