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Once upon a time, a small group of girls (and one of their boyfriends) met over the internet. The girls were stunned at how much they had in common and how much fun they had... merely in cyberspace. They thought, "hey! the fun will only be amplified by a million if it were in real life!" This brilliant revelation led to them planning a trip. To Tiffany's in Pennsylvania, and then a road trip to New York. Liss flew in from Minnesota, Hell all the way from the Netherlands, and Gemma from her home country of England (which she hates, just for the record). Matt just had to make the drive from his place to hers. And they found themselves headed for one two-week trip of unlimited awesome.

They decided to make a community for the time they were together, to have all of their picspams and video blogs, their thoughts and flail all in one place. They invited all of their flist to follow their time spent in New York and the surrounding area, and that's where you are!

awesomepossum8 - Matt;
girlie_girl_23 - Tiffany. "Tiff";
iwant_sprinkles - Gemma;
lissie_pissie - Liss;
sunspawn - Heleen. "Hell";

We have tickets to Wicked, plan to attend the midnight showing of XF2, dinner with drag queens, cake with Lisa Edelstein, Angela Kinsey, Melora Hardin, and Mariska Hargitay on it, the Office and House MD drinking games, and other unworldly fandom explosions. IT WILL BE NON-STOP, AMAZING, FANDOM-FOCUSED FUN.

3 chairs!, almost-getting-kicked-out-of-chili's, answering other people's-phone, awesome dutch cookies, bagels, breaking and entering, bubblegum, calling the crotch, calling waitresses megan, cardboard cutouts, chicken skin, chilis, death by flail, deli meatz, documenting lives, doing things wrong, door gnawing, duchovny, dutch flailing, earrape, earthquakes, face cake, fan-dom-tastic, flesh eating, foamy soap, frank the goat, frunks, gemma orgy, gemma's first..., getting cracked out, getting-kneed-in-the-groin-by-reba, getting-stuck in laptops, heleeeeeeeeeeeen, high on friendship, italian pronounciation of fail, leaving-you-out-there-to-die, macros, matching wrists, new friends!, not coming back, omg fireflies!, omgyouveneverbeentowendys?!, panda bread, paparazzi, popsicles, poptarts, private-meetings-with mindy kaling, real-life outtakes, redoing photoshoots, reenacting lisa e photos, reminiscing-after-less-than-24-hours, revolving doors, roadtrips, screaming, second drink!, skrogs, starbucks, stealing internet, taking pictures in bathrooms, taking the piss, target, the europe card, tunnelclaustrophobia, walking-down-the-road-with-too-much-equipment, we dont care!